What will happen when one woman writes the Truth about her life?
The world will split open."
Muriel Rukeyser

Ethos is an organic propulsion, not a base description.

In essence it is the characteristic spirit of a culture or the disposition of ones nature. Ethos is expressed through the overlapping cluster of actions and utterances a person or culture emanates.
At this time of quickening, we are in deep devotion to the prophesized unravelling of old world Ethos Structures, held tightly, for fear of change, or rather, fear of truth, within our own being.

Our energy at Gaia Mu Temple is less spent calling out the places of blindness in others, but rather spent tending to the inner landscapes of the shadow, within ourselves.
Through the rapture of healing, we can understand the true source of ourselves, whereby healing becomes not a deed done to us for being imperfect, but rather the upmost devotional sacrament (deriving from sacrare; to hollow out) for the love of union.
For the embodiment of having, of being, Re~membered.
For the desire to keep peeling back the illusions, and living in the Oasis of daily life.

Thus our Ethos is not a statement for you, it is a vow to ourselves and with our Ethos we derive inspiration from Tom Kenyon + Judi Sion, talking towards Ammit:

The Ammit stands as a reminder of the passage from the lower three seals (chakras) into the heart. Those persons insisting on experiencing life from the lower chakras without passing into love will eventually be devoured by their desires in the lower three realms.
Agape is all-inclusive. Harmlessness to this vibrational degree, is only present at the level of the heart. The Ammit stands as a sobering reminder, between the Heart & the Solar Plexus (the place between the tipping axis of the Power of Love/ Love of Power), to those on the alchemical path.
The beauty way, the way of love, is the highest truth.

Our Temple is a holder of the memory of Healing Methods & Initiatory Practices, which anchor us deeply to the Earth, allowing the cosmic knowing to flow in and through us.
Love is the gateway, the antidote and our greatest teacher.

We pay our sincere respect to the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the Yuggara people and aim to always have their presence in our hearts as we walk on the land where our studio resides.