A Temple is a sacred precinct, or building consecrated to a deity.

The Temples and monuments of Ancient Kemet were designed and consecrated by the initiated priesthood, and through magical rites were imbued with ka. Thus a Temple holds a lifeforce, which enimates a unique, distinctive frequency aligned to the intentions and activations of their creators, deities or Neteru who guide them.
Source: Danielle Rama Hoffman, The Temples of Light).
Furthermore Naomi Ozaniec writes in her E- Book Becoming Hathor:

"Every Temple was constructed as a reflection of the primal state of existence known as the First Time, Sep Tepi. The archetypal themes of this first story were manifest in stones and symbol, statue and ceremony. It's essence was enshrined in shape and form, structure and layout. The body of the Temple represented the appearance of the primeval mound from the waters emerging from chaos of chaos, the the temple reproduced qualities and characteristics of the first land and continued its purpose as the dwelling place of the sacred brings."

In the evolution of Druidry one can see how the ancient megalithic stone structures and stone circles of the Proto-Druidry era were in every way, the Temples of the time. With nature herself being the meeting point for Light or Source Consciousness to connect with humanity.

In animistic cultures, all things are animated by Spirit whether it be a building, home, stone, river or object. To believe that an empty space can be devoid of Spirit is to separate oneself fully from God/Source consciousness and be outside the web of life. Many existing cultures of today preserve the wisdom that organic place can be holy, sacred and imbued with living, influencing Spirit with much of the cultural practices organized around the caretaking of this space, through offerings to ensure right relationship is maintained.

However Temple is met, those that feel the reverence within a Temple understand this pulsation of divinity.

This Living Spirit is the essential component, but what is also occurring (and is often not discoursed) is how the Temple's role is furthermore the simultaneous holding of not one but two forces ~ that is the mundane and the sacred.

Inside the Temple, with this embedded ka, the distilled essence of Human & Divinity are exposed and explored in its shared totality through acts, rites of passage, ritual theatre, ceremony & offering. A co-existing habitat for responsive relationship & evolution in the light & dark of each others self.  At this junction initiates can tap deep into cosmic law an explore the very nature of their existence where a grasping of the Divine Truth may be felt, along with an organic remembering in service to true healing.

If healing is simply wholeness, than the Temple is surely a place where wholeness can be experienced.

Gaia Mu, in her first incarnation, was known by sound as "Mu, Ong Aya".

A Priestess space, she is a holder of the memory of Healing Methods & Initiatory Practices, which anchor us deeply to the Earth, allowing the cosmic knowing to flow in and through us.
Love is the gateway, the antidote and our greatest teacher.


The Healing Arts is an umbrella term for the entire collection of modalities, practices and experiences curated towards promoting the evolution of the soul inside a human body.

Healing Arts by moral code are practices which support one's remembering of wholeness. When guided with integrity, this remembering is somatically restored into the person's bodyspace...read more here (go to new page called The Healing Arts)

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We pay our sincere respect to the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the Yuggara people and aim to always have their presence in our hearts as we walk on the land where our studio resides.