The Healing Arts

The Healing Arts is an umbrella term for the entire collection of modalities, practices and experiences curated towards promoting the evolution of the soul inside a human body, towards wholeness.

To us at Gaia Mu, Healing Arts by moral code are practices which support one's somatic reintegration of wholeness as an experience. The restoring of self is pertinent to the process, as it is often through soul loss due to  trauma, injury or illness that one becomes disconnected from this embodiment and unable to feel held within themselves.

When people of the world are in a heighted state of disconnect as we see today ~ disconnected from their bodies, from their culture and from their innate sense of sovereignty~ we naturally see decisions and actions taken from a place which is fractured and lacking compassion. Through the restoration of wholeness in individuals we can mend not just the heart, but the community too.

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We pay our sincere respect to the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the Yuggara people and aim to always have their presence in our hearts as we walk on the land where our studio resides.