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Kirsty is a heart devoted, bodywork practitioner. Her background is founded upon experience as a yoga facilitator, counsellor and in her genuinely caring nature. More recently Kirsty received training in Devotional Tantric Massage and is soon to be a Womb Massage practitioner. Beyond her qualifications, Kirsty's expertise shines from her own journey into her body, sensuality, sexuality and deep heart initiations. It is from these personal explorations that she can hold space for others from a deeply rooted heart of unconditional acceptance and love. She understands what a vulnerable experience it can be to be witnessed and touched in the ways she offers. Kirsty holds each individual with utmost care, respect and reverence. Her wish for all is to remember the beauty and sacredness of their body and who they are.

Womb and Hara Massage


We pay our sincere respect to the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the Yuggara people and aim to always have their presence in our hearts as we walk on the land where our studio resides.